We just said goodbye to 2015 and hello welcome to 2016. In Nal Bilingual Academic Complex, it was much fun on the 4th of January 2016 which marked the beginning of the 2nd term for the 2015/2016 academic year. The excitement could be felt both in the students and teachers who could not help but express their joys to see themselves after a two week exciting break. The students especially, trying to update themselves on the vibes on how exciting their Christmas holiday was.

    On this day the principal and staff welcome their students back to school. Most excitingly the results of the Christmas party of December 2015 were announced at the assembly ground. The marks comprised of the class decorations, refreshments and other presentations. Lowersixth came at the 1st position followed by form 1 A. prizes were awarded to these classes such as brooms, cleaning buckets and several pallets of juice to encourage them for the efforts they put to make the end of year party a huge success

Mindful of the fact that 2nd term is usually pregnant with a lot of activities which tend to distract students from their studies, the studentd were adviced to take their sudies seriously and make use of every single opportunity the may have.


    It is a routine in NAL to have termly parents’ teachers meeting. it is a forum for parents and teachers to have a one on one discussion on the welfare of their children concerning their academic output.

    For the 2nd term session, this meeting wsa held on the 9th of January 2016 starting at 9am prompt. This meeting was massively attended by parents and teachers who hold education of the children in high esteem.

During this meeting, parents were given various reports about their children. These reports include;Pedagogic report telling the parents on the performances of their children and the importance of having text books and always attending classes.

    Disciplinary report which has to do with the comportment of the studentsin terms of vices and virtues.

Health report; parents were given the state of health of their children and also adviced to caution their children against road side food which is usually exposed to dust and flies hence posing a threat to their children’s health. NAL offers a good hygeinic canteen free from diseases for its students to make use of.

Also the sports report was presented, students performancein sporting activities especialy the inter-class competition which is usually a must watch during the long breaks. Parents also gave their contribution to see that they and the college work hand in gloove for the success and well being of their children.